19 months

Another month went by, and no blog updates between this one and 18 months...whoops!


So, here’s a quick run down of some happenings in the past 30 days:

  • IMG_0149
    Abby and Eva at the Lego store!

    Visited Disney Springs with friends, and even ate at T-Rex Cafe and visited the Lego Store!

  • Went to the local splash pad for the first time!
  • Became members of theĀ MOTE Marine Laboratory and Aquarium.
  • Had a week long visit from Grandma (Eric’s mom) and went to the beach.
  • Made many, many visits to the Mall Carousel (to the point where the ride attendant greets Abby like they are BFFs)

Additionally, Abby officially had her 18-month checkup (it was a few days after her actual milestone ‘birthday’) and we discovered that despite her immense love of food, her 22-lb weight reading was unchanged from her 15-month appointment, and therefore, had slipped into the below 50% growth chart. The pediatrician was not worried, based on Abby’s appearance, though. Her height did increase, however, as she now stands at 30.5 inches.

This past month also marked Abby’s HUGE increase in interest in Minnie Mouse! She already had a few Minnie toys/clothing items, but all of a sudden, she went Minnie crazy! She got a new Minnie plush (one almost as big as her!) and really started noticing her Minnie outfits a lot more.

Abby’s favorite words are still DADA and MAMA, but she has recently added WHOOOAAA and WOW to her vocabulary, as well as a clearer distinction in pronunciation when she calls for Dug or the DOGS (“Cosmo” is still a bit challenging for her). Additionally, she can make several animal sounds on demand, including dog barks, cat meows, and monkey squeals.

Another thing Abby is very proud of lately is her ability to point out body parts: Head, hair, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, belly button, arms, legs, and feet. She also does the sign for ‘diaper’ when she has to go #2.

She is endlessly fascinated by moving vehicles, including large trucks (like the garbage truck, when it rolls by the house), trains, and airplanes (when she sees them fly overhead, she points and blows a kiss!)

Much to my chagrin, it seems that her favorite song is “Who Let the Dogs Out” by the Baha Men….but, it’s so cute how excited she gets over the song, and how she bursts into dance and barking, that I can’t really stay too mad/annoyed for long. She also greatly enjoys TV theme music and performs her “spinning dance” whenever she can.

Keeping up with Abby can be challenging (I mean, she runs! Climbs! Gets into EVERYTHING!!!) but it’s also the most fun watching her discover so many new things. She is so lovey and is generous with her hugs – mommy, daddy, and doggies get tons of hugs daily! I know I say this monthly…but I think this past month was the fastest, yet!



  1. She’s so grown! I wouldn’t worry about her weight… although nice to tote around a lighter baby. Mine has always been so heavy and still wants to be carried more often than I can muster at 2 1/2! If she’s signing for potty, you could totally jump on that!

  2. Yes! She loves sitting on her little potty and is so proud when she deposits something in it hahahahah!!!

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