Last Minute Disney Staycation – Day 2

IMG_5458My alarm went off at 6:30 AM, and as I stretched and looked over to the right, where Abby was sleeping in her pack and play, I marveled at the fact that we had both slept soundly through the night – yay – nearly 10 hours of sleep!

As I got up and switched on the hall light, she began stirring, so I got her out, changed her diaper, and switched on “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” so I could grab a quick shower. She happily sat down and watched half an episode as I got ready. I packed up our belongings, put on her outfit for the day, and we were out the door by 7:15!

After loading Abby into her carseat, I did a quick check of the stroller situation – after the soggy evening before, unfortunately, it was still very wet! Unfortunately, I had stowed the carrier in the basket below the stroller, and it too, was soaking wet. Oh well! It was decided: we were going to travel very light into Magic Kingdom (MK).

We took the quick drive from Saratoga Springs to MK, and boarded the monorail, en route to Extra Magic Hours (EMH) – our mission? A ride on the carousel – or maybe two – before the chaos of the day set in!

At the MK monorail station, we met up with my friend Jillian, which was super fun! After a few castle selfies and pics, we were off to Fantasyland! Abby was SUPER excited when she saw where we were headed!

Carousel FTW!

We rode twice in a row, and the hustle to get there so early was SO worth it. Most other guests were in line for Peter Pan’s Flight or the Seven Dwarves Mine Train, so the ride was pretty empty.

Next up, we rode ‘it’s a small world’ since it, too, was a walk-on. Abby really seemed to enjoy this version (she had liked it at Disneyland a lot, too) and by that point, Jillian had to start heading out (she still had to go to work that day) so we walked with her up to Main Street for a stop at Starbucks for refreshments/snacks 🙂

Snack break!

We found a nice quiet spot to enjoy our iced tea and croissant on Center Street. We could hear all the sounds of Main Street, do some people watching, and stay pretty cool, thanks to the air conditioning wafting out of the stores.

Once we were refreshed and ready to go, it was time to catch the Walt Disney World Railroad on a nice tour around the park, and back to Storybook Circus, so we could be among the first in line to meet Minnie, Daisy, Goofy and Donald in Pete’s Silly Sideshow!

All the hugs!

Next up? We rode Dumbo! Although we had made a Fastpass the night before, the standby was still only 10 minutes. Abby had a lot of fun! The next things on our agenda were FP at Pirates of the Caribbean and Jungle Cruise, so we walked through Fantasyland, made a pitstop at Gaston’s tavern to meet Gaston himself, then shared a small meal at Pecos Bill’s (the nachos were so good).

At our FP time for POTC, we saw the ride was down, so we headed into the Enchanted Tiki Room (Abby loves birds, so this was a hit). After doubling back to POTC, which was still down, we decided to call it a day (it was really heating up at that point, and my arms were getting a little tired!) so we exited the park, took another monorail ride, and made a pit stop at the Polynesian Village Resort for a Dole Whip Float!

Dole Whip Floats are always a good idea!

Once we got back to the car, I was considering a stop at another park, or Disney Springs before making the two hour drive home, but seeing as Abby fell asleep the second we pulled onto World Drive, I decided to take advantage of her car nap and head home! She slept about halfway, and we were back in Sarasota by 3 PM.

Our little trip up to Disney was such a great little “mommy and me” trip! We are fortunate to be able to have little escapes from reality like this, and I am glad we took advantage of it!

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