Countdown to 2: Abby at 20 months

Minnie Mouse, crayons and crazy hair: Abby life.

The past month has been a real whirlwind – and marks my FIRST (and certainly not LAST) late update to Abby’s monthly milestone posts! Fear not, however! Here it is, now that we are back home from our 10 days in the Pacific Northwest.

I am proud to share that Abby earned an “A” in her traveling skills, as we did both long flights just the two of us (Sarasota to Atlanta, Atlanta to Seattle and back again). We bought her a seat on the plane this time, and tried out the CARES harness, which was excellent! Delta was great in all four flights in allowing us to pre-board, and all Flight Attendants that assisted us approved the device with no issue (I had printed out the Delta policies just in case, but didn’t need them).

…but back to the update!

Abby is stocking her vocabulary bank with a few new spoken words (“Stop!” being her new favorite, used in the context of a game where she runs around stop/go style) and loves making animal sounds, which she showcased on our visit to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.

Riding the Canoe Ride at Remlinger Farms in Carnation, WA.

Her streak for adventure and love for animals both continue to grow – a perfect fit for her second visit to Remlinger Farms. We had a ton of fun watching her experience some of the toddler rides (that she had tried out in May) in addition to checking out more attractions that were open for the season. She even made her first attempt to ride a pony, which was short-lived when she got a little spooked (next time!!) I was so proud of her for trying, because I think even at age 33 I am still a bit timid about riding horses.

In addition to checking out lots of fun places in Seattle and Vancouver, B.C. while visiting family, Abby tried out a lot of new foods, too! She really loved her first taste of Dungeness Crab, and jumped at the chance to try new international cuisine, including Thai, Korean, and of course, Poutine in Canada!

Although I know this is wishful thinking, being back in Florida and all, but I am excitedly awaiting “Fall” and “Winter” so we can spend more time at parks and playgrounds, as Abby loves being outside! Returning home to this heat yesterday was jarring to say the least – but until then, we’ll have fun with our short playground trips, supplemented with her indoor slide.

Abby is a ball full of fun and happy energy, and as we inch closer to her second birthday, I cannot help but feel like the luckiest person ever to be her mama.

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