Here we GROW again!

Big Sister2018
Facebook Official, as of Sept. 20 😉

First off – apologies. My poor, neglected blog – almost a whole month has passed since our last update here, and I even missed Abby’s most recent monthly update…though, I do pass the blame on that update not on forgetfulness, but on Hurricane Irma, as Abby and I were in Iowa, and away from my computer 😉

But, excuses are not the reason you are most likely reading this, so I will move on!

So, YES, this post is for much happier reasons, and I am so excited to finally share what has to be one of my best-kept “secrets” in quite some time! To be honest, I didn’t expect to wait this long to share, but after I delayed for so long anyway (the original plan was to share last month), why not wait a wee bit longer?

A little more info…

  • For those doing the math in your head now – our due date is February 14, 2018, but given our previous experience with Abby (due date was 12/21/2015, birth date 12/8/2015), I know that may shift/fluctuate.
  • I found out the last weekend in May, around the time that the weather here in Florida was already making me fear another pregnancy through the summer. Although “summer” is now technically winding down, yes, to answer your question, it has been a challenge, especially when it comes to…
  • RUNNING. Yup, that hasn’t been going quite as smoothly as with pregnancy #1, that’s for sure! Between the intense heat and humidity, plus the fatigue of being pregnant + chasing a very active toddler, let’s just say that my mileage has been pretty close to inexistent. I *did* work to make sure I was ‘fit’ enough to make it through Seawheeze safely (I was 14 weeks pregnant then, and in the throes of first trimester nausea, thank goodness for cooler temps on race day!!) but since then, my exercise has mostly been walking/lifting Abby 😉
  • If you’ve made it this far in these bullet points and you’re thinking so – “yikes, sounds not fun at all” or “OMG I was thinking of having another kid but you’ve totally talked me out of it now” – haha! This was not meant to do that! My discomfort has been way backseat to the extreme excitement that we have about this change in our family dynamic. We’re sitting at 19 weeks now, and I am so thankful that baby is developing healthily on track, and, despite my obviously very pregnant appearance (one reason I really couldn’t delay an announcement much longer – wow, they’re not kidding about the second one showing a LOT earlier than the first!) I’ve not gained any weight yet.
  • I KNEW we had to find out Baby #2’s sex, and did NOT have the same, definite feeling of knowing if he/she was a he/she before the anatomy scan like I did with Abby. That being said – the week leading up to the anatomy scan this time around, I was leaning on “girl” but wasn’t quite sure if I *wanted* it to be a girl, or *felt* that it was a girl. Either way, when the ultrasound technician shared the news, I was very happy.
  • No, we have not discussed names yet. This could be interesting. 😉
  • Yes, I’ve proudly been wearing maternity clothes since like, 8 weeks.
  • And YESSS – I’ve had my moments, as I’m playing with Abby, thinking, “wow, life will never be the same in just a few short months,” but those thoughts are quickly replaced with an overarching joy, thinking about the future relationship she will share with her sibling.

There’s probably a whole lot more that I am missing in this update, but now that the cat’s out of the bag, I *plan* on returning to somewhat regular progress updates…and Abby’s monthly ones, too!

THANK YOU to everyone who has sent their love and congratulations. We could not be more excited! ❤



  1. Wait, WHAT?! That’s so awesome!! Congrats to all of you! You are amazing for even running at all.

    Totally feel ya, though… I’m also due in February and am finding out this time… in a few days! 😉

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