Running, currently.


Sooo, yeah.

Remember when I used to run a lot? Like, just a year ago when I was at the start of marathon training? And how I’d take Abby out regularly on the running stroller?

Yeah, I think I remember that, too.

However, one look at my Strava account would tell you a very different story.

But…I am not stressed about it. I mean, I’ve now been “a runner” for 7 years, and I have finally found my groove. I know that the sport ebbs and flows. The goals and challenges change. The paces change. And that’s why I love running!

Eight months ago, I ran my best marathon ever (my 15th full marathon), 13 months postpartum. I was in the best running shape of my life, and it’s something that I am not only incredibly proud of, but it’s also a reminder to me that taking a break, stepping back – it won’t break me forever. Being competitive and driven is good, and has a time and a place, but so is being kind to myself and my limitations.

At 20 weeks pregnant, I’ve run a lot less this go around than the first time. Although I am so fortunate to have had a healthy and safe second pregnancy so far, I’ve unfortunately have had a generous helping of “morning sickness” (let’s call it what it really is – all-day sickness!), paired with the general fatigue of chasing after a toddler, and what honestly has felt like the hottest summer yet. I’ve traded ZZZs for miles, and I am not sorry about it.

Instead, I’ve tried my best to stay as active as possible, with lots of walking and staying productive (cleaning, chores, etc). Could I be doing more? Of course! But I’m not mad about it either.

This past weekend, I was feeling a wave of motivation and tackled a 5K on the treadmill. As soon as I ran my first mile, I felt that familiar ‘high’ of my feet below me, and honestly, that’s what inspired me to write this post at all. I was reminded of the magic of the sport, and the world of possibilities ahead of me.

This pregnancy, I am going to stay with that feeling, and that plan – run when I can, where I can…and dream big about what’s in my next chapter.


  1. Good job running! I was running more in the beginning because I swore I’d run more this pregnancy, but then I had complications and couldn’t exercise anymore. By the time I could again, running was just too awkward, which sucks, because this time around I actually have a treadmill. =/

  2. Keep at it, mama! Chasing a toddler around is far from easy, and I cannot imagine doing it while pregnant. Do what you can when you feel up for it, and running and training will be there for you to focus on more post pregnancy.

  3. You have a healthy outlook on running and your pregnancy and I love it! Too much pressure out there – just gotta focus on what works for you! Keep it up mama!

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