2 months ’til 2!


Abby is 22 months today!

Yup, after a late update for 20 months, then a totally missed one at 21 months (on account of Hurricane Irma), we’re back for a status update on little Miss Abby.

Here are a few quick little fun facts:

  • Abby is still holding strong at 23 pounds, which, according to her 10-month update, means, she’s only gained one pound in the last year. Of course, she is tons more active (hence her lack of weight gain) and about ~4.5 inches taller.
  • Abby attended her first Disney on Ice show; of course, the theme was Frozen – her favorite movie on Earth (we watch it every afternoon). She thoroughly enjoyed the performance!
  • String cheese, greek yogurt, applesauce, macaroni and cheese, cheese quesadillas, cheese pizza and goldfish crackers are Abby’s favorite things to eat, and she requests chocolate milk every single morning (we give her the Fairlife Superkids chocolate milk, which is yummy and has a bit less sugar than other brands). Despite her CLEAR favoritism to the aforementioned foods and drinks, she is still a great eater, in regards to TRYING everything we offer (this week, she had several bites of coconut curry quinoa, greek nachos, and lemon butter chicken) and loves drinking water from her straw cups and water bottles.

Other fun stuff? We recently became members at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, a gorgeous local gem with acres of tropical oasis to explore, a great new addition to our recreational rotation (we visit MOTE about every other week, as well as our Tuesday visits to the library for Baby Rhyme & Sign and checking out new books).

As we close in on Abby’s second year, it’s just astonishing to see how much she’s learned and grown – and soon enough, we’ll see how she takes on her new role as a big sister, too!

What movie could you watch EVERY DAY?

What food would you/could you eat daily?


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