RECAP: Abby’s SECOND runDisney Kids Race!

Nine months ago, Abby toed the line of her first runDisney kids race – and although her costume was super fun, she definitely was a bit bewildered by the experience. With plenty of time to “train” since then, however (plus, a ton more confidence!) she made her Kids Race comeback in a huge way last weekend during the runDisney Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend.

So…without further ado: Abby’s take on her second go at the 100M dash!

My SECOND runDisney race, by Abby Murphy

IMG_0082.HEIC8 AM. I wake up in an unfamiliar pack ‘n play to some sunlight streaming into the room.


Oh! I remember that me and mommy drove up yesterday to Walt Disney World and so we are staying at this place called Disney’s Boardwalk Villas. I stand up, and stretch my arms up, and mommy lifts me up and onto the big bed so I can watch a little TV as she gets ready – my favorite: Disney Junior and the fun show, Puppy Dog Pals.

8:40 AM. I’m dressed and we’e headed out the door. We pack up the car, and make a stop through Starbucks drive-thru where mom gets a coffee and I get a chocolate milk.

9:15 AM. We arrive at ESPN Wide World of Sports and since we’re still pretty early, we leisurely walk around the complex, enjoying our morning beverages and bites of a breakfast sandwich. We take a few pictures, and do some warmups by taking the stairs up and down a few times before headed out the the playing fields.

IMG_0091.HEIC9:50 AM. We are let in early to the race area, and I make a beeline to the good stuff: the GO GO SQUEEZ Applesauce station! There are plenty of nice workers handing out pouches of apple sauce – my favorite! I quickly eat two.

10:00 AM. I do a few more sprinting drills around the grassy fields before mom corrals me and we head to the starting areas on the race track.

10:10 AM. People are starting to line up, and we find a good spot, around the first few “waves” of 100M participants. Last time, I was kind of scared around all those people, but this time I met some other kids and we were chatting with each other. It was fun! I gave a few high fives, sipped on some water, and okay, I had one more pouch.

10:30 AM. The races are off! A volunteer had come up to tell us that there would be two line-up areas – one for kids racing alone, and one for those going with their parents. I was going to go with my mom, anyway, so we scooted back, but it seems like the other people didn’t really listen, so it’s kind of a free-for-all. Not really a big issue.

10:35 AM. It’s my turn! Time to run!


Mom has told me before that it is a good idea to conserve your energy at the beginning of a race, so we start off with a walk. Other kids seem to just spring forward, but man, 100 meters is still far, so I am going to take it nice and slow.

10:37 AM. I am now trotting along, and hey, I am having fun!


10:38 AM. Before I know it, I am getting closer to the finish line! Oh no! This is going by too quickly. I turn around and see mom is right near me. Phew! I was hoping she could keep up with my speed! Now, to get to the finish – wait! Is that Mickey Mouse???


He definitely needs a hug from me!

10:40 AM. We cross the finish line, and I get a medal, and even better, water, a banana, and – yup, you guessed it: another GO GO SQUEEZ! I let mom carry that one though – I will probably want to eat it later.

After we walk out of the finishing area, we find a nice stop to sit down and enjoy the refreshments before we walk back out to our car, and head over to play in the parks.

Mama says that my costume that she made matches the cast members at a place called the “Tower of Terror” so we head there to take a few pictures, plus we have lunch, and then ride the boat to Epcot so we can go on my favorite ride, Frozen Ever After to celebrate my race! Thank goodness mommy got us fastpasses! We even got a chance to say hi to Anna and Elsa afterward – that was pretty cool.


This was a really fun day, and I am glad I had a chance to race again! I don’t know when I will go back for another one, but I think I understand why mommy loves these so much now!

Thanks, Abby for the fun recap of your race!


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