Third Trimester Update

28 weeks, 11/21, our 8th Anniversary Dinner Date.

Tap, tap…is this thing on? 

Okay, of course it was obvious I would not be updating as frequently on this pregnancy as I did with the first – especially considering I didn’t even announce it here til we were at the half-way-ish point, but to be honest, I’ve started and scrapped numerous updates because well, how many times does anyone want to read “OMG why is it still so hot?” and “OMG why do I feel so tired?” and “OMG, am I really still nauseous?” Yeah..I thought so, haha!

On a much more positive note, I am happy to share that other than my general discomfort, things have been progressing healthfully with Baby Girl 2.0 – just like her sister, she is yet to be named. Hopefully we will come up with a name a little earlier than we did with Abby (we still hadn’t decided when she was born…) but I have a list that is getting shorter each week, anyway 🙂

At 28 weeks, I’ve gained pretty much the exact amount of weight that I did the first pregnancy (+/- 16 lbs, depending on how big my appetite is that day) but I swear I look MUCH MUCH rounder this time around. I have not run since last month’s Bill’s Beer Run, due to exhaustion/nausea/overheating, but I’ve tried to keep up on walking as much as possible, and of course, weightlifting in the form of carrying a 24-lb toddler.

Next week, I’ll be getting my third tri tests (including the ever-popular glucose test) and starting Dec. 7, doctor appointments will be every two weeks, as we get closer to the due date. We’re planning on a scheduled C-section this go around, so we’ll have a better idea on baby’s “exact” arrival in a few weeks, as well.

As for now, I’m off to pee (again, like the 15th time today) and then feverishly do some more cleaning (the nesting has begun)!




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