2017: a Recap!

I initially debated writing this recap, as I was sure the only one who might be interested in reading this would be…well, me. But, after I thought more about it, if that were true, I’d be okay with it, because I genuinely was curious what I might learn about the year through a recollection of experiences.

So…without further ado: 2017, by the month –



The year started with a big goal of mine on the horizon: my first PP (postpartum) marathon, the Celebration Marathon. Despite a non-perfect training cycle, I was overjoyed to nail my A goal and not only score a PP PR, but a real, actual PR: 3:40, three minutes faster than my fastest that I had run!

That race gave me such an incredible dose of confidence, and allowed me to really consider myself a “mother runner!”


904donnaFebruary brought more running – both my own, and Abby’s, in her first runDisney kids event! In that short month, I ran a ton of miles, between the 26.2 with DONNA weekend (I ran the inaugural BOOBY TRAP CHALLENGE, as well as the TREASURED CHEST CHALLENGE, which included, over two separate weekends, a 5K, 10K, 13.1 and 26.2).

Not only was I able to spend time with my great teammates on the ambassador team, but I was super excited to be the OVERALL FEMALE WINNER!


AbbyStPaddy3I slowed down a bit in March, in regards to racing, but was thinking about what the year might look like ahead of me. At the time, I only had a few things on the race calendar, and looking back now, I am so glad that I was not overly ambitious with registrations! Abby and I also saw her first non-animated film in a theater, the live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast!

We also had a ton of fun at the Fleet Feet St. Patrick’s Day Fun Run and won the costume contest ūüôā


April marked a fun visit from my mom (Abby’s grammy) and my birthday! We celebrated by visiting a fun Florida landmark that had been on my radar for years, Weeki Wachee Springs! Although it was a bit of a roadtrip to get there, it was totally worth it, and we had a lot of fun.

Another fun milestone of April? We transitioned Abby to her toddler bed and her sleeping habits literally changed OVERNIGHT! My formerly “at least 1-2 wakeups per night” sweetheart showed how much she loved her shuteye! What a difference!!


IMG_0449May was simply unforgettable! Abby and I went on our longest flight as we traveled to the West Coast for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend, followed by a Disneyland vacation, and a few days in Seattle (and adventures to the Bavarian wonderland of Leavenworth, Washington, too)!

I fulfilled another longtime bucket list “want” as we stayed at the Disneyland Hotel for the very first time and enjoyed seeing the park through a toddler’s eyes, with Abby’s first trip to Walt’s original park.

Going on this trip really made us realize how important family time is – despite the miles that separate us – it made us thankful for the times that we are able to spend together. It really was special!


June! Not many blog updates – mostly because it was the month that I learned that I was pregnant! Once it was confirmed, I hemmed and hawed about sharing the news – I mean, it was exciting, but there’s always a bit of hesitation to share – plus, I was feeling AWFUL (spoiler alert: that all-day nausea is still with me).

Still, my running mileage dropped off the deep end, which I just attributed (on social media) to the high temperatures that had taken over the Gulf Coast.


IMG_5416I was still feeling pretty crummy, so I needed a dose of magic…in the form of Disney, of course!

Thanks to our DVC membership, Abby and I were able to snag a last-minute reservation on property and hop over to Walt Disney World for a one-night staycation to check out the new meet and greet spots in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, dine with Minnie at her Hollywood and Vine summer soiree, as well as a few extra magic morning hours at Magic Kingdom.

We were caught in one of those famous summer storms the first night, but we still had an absolute blast! This trip marked a HUGE change in Abby’s personality as she showed her outgoing side, and was happy to greet a lot more characters, and run around with absolute joy in the parks – be still my Disney-loving heart!



Finally, August rolled around and we were able to enjoy cooler weather…since we traveled back West, again! This time, we brought hubby (AKA dada) along as we spent a few weeks in Seattle and Vancouver, BC for the Seawheeze Half Marathon!

As previously mentioned, my mileage was WAYYYY down, and my nausea/sickness was WAYYYY up, but I didn’t let that dampen the trip. We had a lot of fun visiting with family, eating lots of yummy foods, and just enjoying the change of scenery.

I had yet to announce on social media that we were expecting, so that was kind of funny – it was like I was keeping a secret or something …but I thought of a fun way to share the news, that was to come the next month!


Big Sister2018

Another month, another fun Disney trip!


It was another “mommy and me” trip as Abby and I traveled to Walt Disney World for her first Mickey’s Not-so-Scary Halloween Party and, a very ambitious reveal of our big news!¬†You see, hubs and I had had the “big” ultrasound the same night of the party, and learned that Abby would be expecting a SISTER, and with that news, I crafted a fun way to share this news: with a trip around the (Epcot) world!

So, needless to say…it was a super fun trip! Abby LOVED everything about the party, from our costumes, to her specially designed “sled” stroller, the fireworks, and my personal fave: walking back afterward (we were lucky enough to book Bay Lake Tower for the trip)! The next day, we slept in before traversing the 11-countries of Epcot’s World Showcase, and after all our journeys were complete, we had a photo documentation that’s sure to be enjoyed for years to come!

Also in September: Hurricane Irma. But, we (Abby and I) missed it because our flight was cancelled (as we had been visiting hubs’ family in Iowa). Hubs, on the other hand, heroically held down the fort back in Florida as he grabbed another way back down and was able to secure the house and ride it out with the pups.


October marked one running milestone: my longest run in months: a whopping 5 miles, at Bill’s Beer Run! When it comes to this event, let’s just say this – my run wasn’t pretty, but my costume was fun, and I came in at a pretty respectable time, despite lack of training ūüėČ


PhotoPass_Visiting_WDWRUNDISNEY_406047526489The only running that took place this month was ABBY’s! We popped up to Orlando for her SECOND runDisney event, and it was a NIGHT AND DAY difference from her first, as she totally loved it!

I was so excited for Abby, as she frolicked with confidence down the 100-meter course, and she hammed it up plenty for the photographers, in true runDisney fashion! It was the most satisfying thing in the world to see the look of pure JOY on her face as her little feet grazed the turf.

November also marked hubs’ and my 8th anniversary, and we celebrated with Abby at a new local Greek restaurant, with a raincheck for a second “date night” when my mom would be in town in December.


IMG_1136We closed out the year with one final Disney trip, and this time, hubby was actually able to come, too!

The occasion was the Disney Vacation Club’s “Moonlight Magic” celebration at Epcot and it was SO MUCH FUN! Not only were the attractions open, but there were some really neat character meet and greet opportunities, as well as yummy free snacks abound. Additionally, we took advantage of the lower crowds and snagged a table at the Coral Reef restaurant (believe it or not, my first dining experience there) and Abby loved seeing the fish as she chowed down on her macaroni and cheese.

On top of that fun celebration, we used the trip as a “kick off” event to a week of birthday celebrations for Abby’s 2nd, which included fun at the Magic Kingdom, seeing friends, and then, after returning to Sarasota, her first “real” birthday party with family and pals from her library program.

IMG_1379After her birthday, we took advantage of the many holiday happenings and had so so so much fun with family enjoying holiday lights, attractions, and the viewing of so, so many (so bad they’re good) holiday movies.

Of course, not every day of December was full of magic, for on December 12, we lost one of our dear family pets, Cosmo. I would be lying if I said I’m not still in shock over it, but I am still very thankful that I was not alone when it happened.

Life is different without that sweet furball, but we are thankful that we had the chance to spend those years with him…and after all, life is going to change again in just a few weeks…because what is life, but change – and how we adapt to it all?

So yes, looking back…2017 was a trip. Many parts were unexpected, but each event shaped the future to come – and frankly, what lies ahead is the most exciting part it of all.¬† ‚̧

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