38 weeks.

So, you know how I thought I’d be bad at blogging this second pregnancy? Well, it turns out I wasn’t just bad, but downright terrible.

Terrible selfie taken last week.

I’m sorry, Baby 2.

Between the heartburn and nausea, the fatigue from lifting a 25-lb toddler (which, by the way, I am thankful for; that Abby is so petite!) and just attempting to keep up with the regular household stuff, once Abby’s asleep, the extent of my activity is usually plopping down on the couch, binging something on Netflix, then starting the dishwasher before hitting the hay (followed by 3-5 wakeups through the night, thanks to my bladder).

So, yeah, blogging – or recording any coherent thoughts of pretty much any kind has definitely taken the backseat.

But! Hurrah! There is a light at the end of this tunnel – as today, we officially turned over to the 38th week, which means that in seven days, this little girl will be outta my belly, and in this big world!

My bag is packed, Abby’s emergency bag is packed (in case we need someone to watch her before grammy arrives Friday evening), and baby’s sleeping area is set up in our room (we didn’t set up a room for her yet – yeah, that’s another thing that didn’t happen this pregnancy for a plethora of reasons), and I’m as ready as I possibly can be for this major change in our life to take place. It really is a surreal feeling – to have something so monumental scheduled in my calendar – just like a haircut – but at the same time, it is the one calming thought in what is sure to be ensuing joyous chaos.


  1. Good luck with everything! I’ll be watching and waiting for this to happen as well, except no date known yet!

    My son weighs 35 lb, so carrying had to stop pretty early. Luckily, he finally dropped the issue some time ago.

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