Ellie Belly’s First Month

IMG_4978In the blink of an eye, Ellie is already one month old!

Over the past four weeks, she’s definitely established herself in the family, and she’s grown (by my estimation, she’s already 9+ pounds) and changed a LOT!

She’s a champion eater, and already outgrowing her NB sized clothing, and moving right into 3-month size. She sleeps quite well (she can do a 4-5 hour stretch) and loves being rocked/snuggled. She also loves napping in her Dock A Tot (definitely was worth the price – we got a pretty good deal for Black Friday) or her Beachfront Baby ring sling (disclosure: I received one as an ambassador, use code krissycakes1318 for 10% off your purchase).

Other fun stuff? We’ve gone on several walks in our Thule Urban Glide 2 double stroller -(review of this coming soon-ish – we really love it so far!) and today, I encountered the cutest thing ever, as I noticed Abby reach up to hold Ellie’s hand!

My sweet girls!

Now, I know it’s just been a month, but I have to say – seeing the bond forming between these two melts my heart more than anything. I know it won’t always be this “easy” – but the way they clearly love each other so much rests the fears I had had while pregnant over jealously and resentment between the two.

As I’ve said before…and will surely say again (and again): my heart just keeps growing.



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