(Belated) Happy Two Months, Ellie!

IMG_7002A month has gone by already?

Oh, my poor blog – I haven’t updated in a month (and a few days, to be exact) and it seriously boggles my mind how fast time is flying. Since my last update, Ellie has continued to grow and amaze us – I am packing up her 3-month sized clothes (already) and she’s moved up to 6-months! By my unofficial measurements (i.e., standing on the scale with her, then putting her down and subtracting the difference), she’s almost 13 pounds!

Looking at photos of her now, vs. Abby at that age is so wild – if I were to compare them, I’d say Ellie is about Abby’s age-adjusted four month size (see Abby’s 4 month update here). I’ll find out her exact stats soon at her two-month check up in about a week and a half.

Along with being bigger, Ellie also excels at the three top baby subjects: eating (obviously), sleeping (lots of naps, plus she can sleep up to 6 hour stretches, waking only once a night) and peeing/pooping (average ~11 diaper changes a day).

Other amazing things? She’s already rolled over – in fact, more than once – from tummy to back. Yikes!

IMG_6841Next week, we will celebrate Ellie’s first trip to Walt Disney World, so we are pretty excited about that! Our double stroller will make it’s first trip debut as well – thankfully both girls love riding in it.

All in all, I cannot help but express my gratitude at what a “good” baby Ellie is. She’s extremely laid back, and has taken all kinds of “love” from both of her siblings – human and canine. Both are fiercely protective of her, and love to cover her in kisses!

Caring for two littles can be a bit of a juggling act sometimes, but it’s a lot less scary than I had imagined. Abby – when not being a “typical” two-nager (asserting her independence, voicing her defiance, or generally striking against routine naps, meals or parental requests) is extremely patient and helpful when it comes to her little sister. Nary a cry goes without a prompt pacifier retrieval, immediate spitup-clean up, or wipe offering at diaper change time – it’s really the sweetest thing.

So…onward! And…who needs some NB or 0-3 month outfits? 😉




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