Happy 3 Months, Ellie!

IMG_9641Again, belated – sorry, second child!

I realllllllllllllllly have to admit, I am not sure how many of these monthly updates I will remember to write, but seeing as I have a spare few minutes, I thought I’d do a quick check in!

On Monday, Ellie turned three months. I don’t know how this happened. Wasn’t she just born? Oh my.

She’s used to not having her own space 😉

Anyway, she continues to be a wonderful, wonderful baby – the kind that make you think, “hey, this is not bad at all!” – until you remember that she will, before you know it, become a toddler. Haha! But really, she is just the best – she is a good eater, a good sleeper, and only fussy for very short periods.

Other updates of note:

  • She’s upgraded to a convertible car seat, thanks to a great sale at Target. Bucket seat, no more!
  • She did great on her first trip to Walt Disney World – and if her older sister gets her way, she’ll be on track to many more visits before her first birthday.
  • She will FINALLY be getting her own room in the next few weeks, as we do some rearranging of rooms in the house. I am excited to decorate for her! Of course, I plan to keep her in our room for a bit longer in her bassinet, but she will finally get her own space (until now, her dresser and crib were in our room, too).

Well, that’s about it – I am pushing it with both littles being asleep, so until next month… ❤

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