Ellie is 4 Months!

Jelly Belly Ellie <3!

Just one day late this time, whoo!

Now, I must admit I was going to write this on one time yesterday, but as I reviewed the check-in post from last month, not much has changed. Ellie is still a sweet tempered baby, always up for a snuggly nap, and just a delightful little person to be around. Her fussy periods are short, and her smiles are simply the best.

Here are a few notable things, otherwise:

  • Her first tooth (an incisor, on the top!) is just about to erupt. This is causing more drooling, and making her spit up a bit more, but it doesn’t seem to bother her as much as it appears (based on her soggy bibs and shirts).
  • She LOVES “standing” – with a lot of support, of course, but when she gets a little irritated with sitting, just “stand” her up and her smile appears!
  • Hearing (and seemingly, identifying) voices makes her giggle and grin.
  • Today, she had her first pool experience! It was just about 5-10 minutes, and daddy just held her up, but she didn’t seem to dislike it.
In the pool with dad!

We’ve recently had a bit more “solo” bonding time, as Abby started attending 2 day a week summer day camp from 9 AM to 2 PM (if I get some free time again soon, I’ll share that experience – but in short – she LOVES “school!”).

While our time together hasn’t been particularly exciting (we either run errands, or do chores at home), it’s kind of peaceful. If we continue to have Abby attend “school,” I’ll probably look into some “mommy and me” type experiences that I can do with just Ellie.

Overall, I am just so thankful that this sweet girl came into our lives – and she had such great timing, too. I have to laugh a bit when I think of how miserable I felt (nausea and general ickiness) while I was pregnant with her…maybe it was just to contrast with what was to come: just pure happiness <3.

Love you little Elle Belle!

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