In the blink of an eye…five (months)!


GOODness, is she FIVE MONTHS already?

We blinked (ugh!) and another month has passed.


Here’s a few bullet points so I don’t forget my focus here:

  • Her dang teeth are starting to really give Ellie some drama. Tooth #1 that I wrote about last month is JUST NOW poking through, but two more teeth have started their push since the last time we updated. So yes, poor girl is dealing with three teeth eruptions!
  • Due to above toothy drama, my formerly super snoozy gal has been having more restless sleep. As a result, she’s a bit crankier (understandably) through the day, and prefers to nap in a carrier (rather than alone in her bassinet or crib), and does NOT like to sit – let her go on her tummy, or stand her up!
  • Otherwise, no other issues!!

This month, we had her 4.5-ish month checkup, and she came in at 50% in height and weight (14.14 lb, 24.75 in), and got her immunizations. She had her first mild fever, and had her first dose of children’s Tylonel, too.

Additionally – and this is just a vanity update – but poor thing has been losing a lot of her baby hair. Although I know it’s just a phase, Abby never did lose any of her hair (other than the rubbed off bald spot from back sleeping), so I am a little thrown off as Ellie’s baby little tuft of hair keeps shrinking!!

Ellie looking out!

Other stuff? I got a new baby carrier, the Lillebaby Complete Airflow (not an ad, just for reference!) which, ironically, was the first one I ever got for Abby, but she didn’t really ever fit well in it/like it – but when I found a great deal on them, I decided to try it with Ellie, since she seemed like she might be interested in facing forward – and lo and behold, she definitely does! It’s become our “car” carrier, so we use it out and about, with errands, school drop offs, shopping, etc. It’s also nice to be able to switch her around in seconds for different situations.

Another update: as I mentioned last month, Abby’s been attending day camp two times a week, which has given me more time with Ellie – which will definitely be carrying on through the school year, as we officially enrolled Abby in preschool starting in August! She’ll be attending M-W-F, 9 AM to 1 PM, so I’m on the lookout for some fun activities to do with Ellie. It’ll be nice to have that time, and I am looking to really get into more of a routine then, with the necessity of a more regimented schedule.

But back to Ellie…

She continues to just be the snuggliest little gal, and I am so thankful to have her. ❤


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  1. […] In the past month, Ellie’s naughty teeth decided to continue to torment her, but still have not erupted. So…she’s a drool factory! And, unlike with Abby, the amber necklace has no power whatsoever against the slobbery spit, so we just change her clothes a lot…not like that’s an issue, she has so many outfits, and it’s fun to dress a baby that is not super picky about what she’s wearing (ahem ABBY, lol). […]

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