A Very Merry Half Birthday!

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 9.53.00 PM
LOOK who’s SIX months today!

Ellie Belly Bear is officially half a year old!

NOOOO, I have no idea how this happened, but hey, I looked at the calendar and there it is. What do ya know…ahh. It’s crazy.

In the past month, Ellie’s naughty teeth decided to continue to torment her, but still have not erupted. So…she’s a drool factory! And, unlike with Abby, the amber necklace has no power whatsoever against the slobbery spit, so we just change her clothes a lot…not like that’s an issue, she has so many outfits, and it’s fun to dress a baby that is not super picky about what she’s wearing (ahem ABBY, lol).

Big things in the past month:

  • I joined a gym, and Ellie has spent a bit of time in the gym daycare for the first time (it’s provided for up to two hours). I think it’ll be a nice way to establish routine when Abby’s back in preschool 3x a week – not like that made it any easier for me to drop Ellie off, but it’s nice to have the chance to just give it 100 percent in a workout, relax, change, then go on with our day!
  • Ellie tried a few bites of food! As with Abby, we’ve started a hybrid sort of baby-led weaning with some smushy/almost purees, to give her a feel (really, since she pretty much just plays with food for now) of different things to eat. So far, she’s had sweet potato, shredded chicken, scrambled eggs, blueberry (mush), mango, and butternut squash, the two last items being her favorites so far.
  • We bought Ellie her first sippy cup, and she loves grabbing and holding it…and splashing a few drips of water on herself.
  • DIAPER ALERT – okay, so I guess Abby was a just a mild-mannered pottier as a baby, because I thought cloth was magical since she never once had a blowout in the two years she was diapered…cos Ellie, yeah, she changed that! Haha! Nothing catastrophic (more like minor leg leaks) but the funniest part is that she busts out in giggles after filling a diaper. You can’t get mad at that!
100 Acre Wood hang out.

In all, I can’t express just how wonderful Ellie is…she’s the best baby! Her sleep is still a bit broken, but with just 1-2 wake-ups on average, she sleeps from 8 to 7, and is now officially out of the bassinet (mommy tears) and in the crib, full-time.

So…there you have it. I’ll say it once, I’ll say it again: time flies when you’re having fun!! ❤



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