IMG_6847“Do you want it to say ‘Abby’s First Day’ or ‘Abigail’s First Day’ on your sign,” I asked.

Lifting her pointer finger to her chin, very dramatically, she contemplated.

“Abigail, mommy. This is ‘portant. So, it’s Abigail.”

This exchange, yesterday afternoon, as we prepared for Abby’s first day of preschool – though seemingly insignificant, struck me this morning as something I don’t think I’ll forget. And you know what – that’s impressive, because these days, I seem to be forgetting a lot of things (darn that “mom brain).

So, fast forward to today – the alarm went off at 6:45 AM – I changed clothes, starting the coffee, changed the baby, woke Abby up, and got her dressed. Her face lit up when she saw her backpack on the table, and she ran to the refrigerator to “check on” her lunchbox and water bottle.

Her croissant and apple sauce breakfast was left mostly uneaten, but she did drink most of her chocolate milk by the time we loaded up the car. I tried to shake the feelings of stress as I had to grab the spare car key (I had misplaced my own) and hope there wouldn’t be too much traffic to make us late (I forgot how many more cars are on the road once school’s in session compared to Sarasota’s lazy summers).

Drop off was uneventful – amongst the tantrums, and hysterical crying of her fellow classmates, Abby shouted a spirited “see ya!” as she ran toward the sand table in the back of the classroom.

Today was her first day of preschool, the first of many firsts, and it’s such a weird feeling. Just a few months ago, I had convinced myself she didn’t “need” preschool until she was three – and really, she probably doesn’t “need” it, but after four sessions of summer day camp, we quickly realized that it was just so good for her. Her confidence skyrocketed, her vocabulary expanded, and she just was so, so excited about “her” place. In fact, when we picked her up today, that’s what she said, “now mommy and B (she still calls Ellie ‘Baby B’) get Abby. Only Abby goes to school. Well…til B is big, too.”

Amen, girl. Let’s just not grow TOO fast!

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