London Calling.

London Marathon



I was skimming my latest blog posts (“latest” sounds a bit too much of a stretch, as entries have been incredibly infrequent), but it occurred to me just now, as I was writing updates on my personal Facebook page, as well as my related event page (Cupcake Meetups) that I had not yet detailed a pretty big thing going on in my life – training for two big marathons, a PR attempt, and y’know, my third World Marathon Major in a little ol’ place you might have heard of: London.

  • For those keeping score: I’ve run Chicago <2014> and Tokyo <2015>. That leaves New York City, Berlin and of course, Boston.


The idea to run London entered my mind sometime in Ellie’s little little newborn months. Of course, I didn’t start running til about 6.5 weeks postpartum, but seeing as I had not run a marathon since January 2017, the idea was burning in my head. In my research, I had learned that London was a notoriously difficult race to get into as a foreigner (I had entered the lottery once in the past, and obviously, had not been accepted) but the best option, as an American, would be to find a charity entry.

More hours of research later, I narrowed down the field of charities I wanted to apply to (because I also learned that it wasn’t easy to find a charity spot, even) and reached out to other runners who had gone this direction. As luck would have it, one charity runner was kind enough to introduce me to an organizer and after some exchanges, I received the great news that I was accepted to Phab Kids, an incredible UK-based charity that organizes events and activities for disabled/disadvantaged youth and their families. I am so proud to be able to contribute to this worthy cause.

Since then, I’ve posted several updates regarding my fundraising plans, as well as events, but thought it best if I organized things in one place, so from here on, I’ll post updates here, so feel free to bookmark this link if you want to follow along!



  • Cupcake Meetup: we raised about $250!
  • Pi Day Fun Run: we raised $207!


  • DONATE (any amount helps! I so appreciate it)
  • SHARE this page!
  • SHOP my Poshmark closet (all proceeds go toward fundraising)
  • SEND me your ideas/suggestions!


March 2019: I have finally BOOKED MY FLIGHTS, it feels really real!


I’ve received so many amazing tips and suggestions in planning this trip, but I am open to hearing your thoughts and suggestions, too!


Just six weeks to go, and about 4 more long runs.


Thank you so much for your support!!


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