Ellie is 7 Months!


Lucky 7!!

This sweet girl is 7 Months today 🙂


Ellie continues to grow, and this month, she tipped the scales at 16 lb 4 oz, and is now 25.25 inches long, right around 50% percentile for her weight and height – a perfectly proportionate gal! A new crop of hair is growing in and so her head is as fuzzy and soft as ever with her almost strawberry-blonde hair and (still) blue eyes!

She’s STILLLLLLLL going through teething pain, though it let up a little recently with the eruption and (FINALLLLLLY) breakthrough of her first two teeth!  Yay, Ellie!

With the discovery of her two new teeth, Ellie has been working on trying a variety of new foods. Her favorites so far are apple sauce and pureed mango, but she’s also tried avocado, banana, sweet potato, and the soft insides of croissant (Abby’s idea, LOL). She’s still nursing well, but has decided that she’s no fan of bottles, and much prefers sippy cups, which she holds surprisingly well.

Ellie’s moved into mostly 9 month sized clothing, though some smaller 12-month items fit her as well. She’s super strong, and can sit up on her own for long periods of time, and is attempting to do the “rock” to propel herself in crawling. So far, she’s only scooted herself backward, but she can maneuver herself around the room with a series of rolls and scoots, which she seems particularly proud of.

She LOVES playing with Abby, and is often just staring at her sister, as well as her canine brother. Good boy Dug, he’s taken the abuse of ears being pulled, as she attempts to pull herself up, and he’s been very patient with it all. In exchange, he happily sits in Ellie’s baby seats when she’s not in them, and showers her with puppy kisses whenever he gets the chance.

In a week and a half, we’ll be headed to Disney to meet up with my mom for a fun Disney trip staycation (Ellie’s third visit to Walt Disney World!) and in October, we’ll be making our first family trip to Universal Orlando Resort, as tagalongs for hubby’s work conference. Each day is so much fun watching her learn and grow, and I’m more and more thankful we made the decision for Abby to attend preschool as it allows her to have her space, while also allowing me to get things done and spend time with Ellie.

I had a particularly emotional moment recently, thinking about last September, when Abby and I made a trip to Disney, the same day that I had my ultrasound and learned that the baby in my belly was a girl! It seems like forever ago already! I am so thankful for her, and much happier with her on the outside! LOL 🙂

Happy 7 Months, Ellie girl! ❤


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