I am not really sure why, but USUALLY, USUALLY – I don’t get sick.

Here’s a fun picture to distract from un-fun news.

So, this is unusual.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been having a ton of issues which I originally assumed were outdoor-allergy related. Sniffles, sinus pressure, and the like…it seemed like minor respiratory distress from the red tide (yeah, I had never heard of it til like five years ago). But then it got bad, like really bad. I mean, I am always tired (#momlife, right?) but I was really fatigued. Like, dragggggginng, bad. And I was coughing a lot. And it hurt. And I was wheezing like a 90 year old man. And sounding like a 100-year old chainsmoker.

That went on for a few days, and finally hubs convinced me to go see a doctor. Of course, when I finally (stubbornly) agreed, it was a wekend evening, so I had to go to Urgent Care, where, sure enough, they diagnosed me with an Upper Respiratory Infection, and I was prescribed amoxicillin.

After the first dose, I felt like I was feeling better. Yay! But wait, by day two, I wasn’t. And my skin was ON FIRE, like hive-y and just a mess. Boo.

So, it was back to the doctor – this time, my primary care physician, where she expressed some concern that my ailment could be pneumonia (UH NOOO THANK YOU)!! So, she wrote me a lab order for a chest x-ray and I had that done right away.

Shortly thereafter, my doctor called me and let me know that it was thankfully not pneumonia (PHEW), but bronchitis, and that she’d send a prescription order to my pharmacy for prednisone, and an inhaler.

The last few days have been pretty rough – still coughing a lot, but at least not as painfully so – but not being able to rest, thanks to the steroid. Oh my, the exhaustion!

Topping this all off, this was the week I was to start training for the marathon. Um, yeah, considering I lost my breath bending over to pick up Ellie’s pacifiers, there was no way I could run. UGH – but bright side, week one was low mileage, yeah? And, this is my last day on the prednisone…so, fingers crossed, I am on the mend, and able to get back into it next week, because GOSH DARN IT, I had been doing really good with running the past two months.

So, that’s my sob story. I will be okay. But I really, really, really miss running and hope I can get back to it as soon as possible!

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