It’ s great to be 8 (months)

IMG_9576Little Ella Bella is eight months old (and this update is only one day late, woot)!

Let’s start with my standard opening statement of the time going by so fast (I mean, it’s true), and go right on to updates:

  • Ellie is now full-on army crawling
  • Ellie had her first fever (and now has her first stuffy-yucky nose – booo)
  • Ellie is the happiest baby (until she isn’t! Then she is the angriest!)

These past few weeks have been a lot of fun, as my mom was visiting from Seattle (she just left today). We started the visit out with two nights at Disney, and then time back here in Sarasota. It’s been god-awfully hot, so having the help in taking care of the girls and household stuff was priceless. Best of all, Ellie was able to spend time with Baba (what the girls call my mom) and bond. We cannot wait to see her again in just a few months (January, right between Abby and Ellie’s birthdays).

We ended up changing our plans for this month and won’t be traveling – which is a good thing, with these various pop-up respiratory issues that all three of us (Abby, Ellie and I) seem to keep getting afflicted with, but we look forward to Halloween, when my sister and her hubs are visiting for local Trick or Treat fun, followed by a return to Disney for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend! Ellie will be participating in her first diaper dash!

So, for now…so long! Gotta do some catch up before Ellie and I have to pick up Abby from school <3.


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