RECAP: Kids Races at the Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend

This past weekend, Abby participated in her third runDisney event (check her past recaps here: first, second). I went back to re-read those posts and was sufficiently amused by the “narration” so here we go again; recaps of Abby’s 100 meter dash, and, for the first time, Ellie’s big event, the Diaper Dash!

Proud finisher!

My THIRD runDisney Race:  by Abby Murphy

7 AM: we’re up at at ’em! There’s some sun peeking through the window, and TODAY is the DAY – my kids race! Mom told me I’ve done a few in the past, and even showed me pictures, but this time around, I am READY! I have a cool BB-8 dress to wear, and I’ve been training for this for the past few weeks. I AM SUPER FAST!

8 AM: hmmm…seems no one is in a big hurry here, as mom helps baby get ready, then helps me, and we check on Jen and Uncle Vern in the other room.

9 AM: We’re out the door, and off to get a bite to eat. I power up with a cinnamon bagel and strawberries from Panera Bread.

Me and Uncle Vern

10 AM: we’re on the road, but it seems like there are a LOT of cars here! We finally get parked at the Wide World of Sports, and it’s past the official start time of my race (10:30) but we make our way to the field, pin my bib on, then split up from the gathering of kids. I am going to run with Jen today (my aunt)! It’s kinda cold outside, so I’m wrapped in my Mickey blanket and snuggling my Uncle Vern until the last minute!

11 AM: The 100 meter runners are released in waves, so finally, I get to line up with my peers and get ready to rock the race!

11:20(ish) AM: And..we’re…OFF! There are a variety of different approaches to this race – running alone, running with a parent or adult, or even walking along. I decide to go for a super fast run with Jen! Hope she can keep up with me!

Let’s GOOOO!

Wow! Before I know it, the race is over! Thankfully, I was able to really rock my race, and even got a high-5 from Minnie Mouse!

Hey, Minnie!

After the race, I got my medal, and some snacks – my favorite: GoGoSqueeze apple sauce, and a banana! The post-race meal of champions!

Once I am done with my snacks, we hang out in the lawn for a while until it’s time for my sister’s race…so I’ll hand it off to her now 🙂

My FIRST runDisney Race: the DIAPER DASH! By Ellie Murphy

Pre-race chillin’

It was a busy morning, but I was just bopping along. I heard some mention of races, but as you may know, I’m a baby, so I was not sure what that meant.

After some lovely sunning time, mom scooped me up from the spot we were sitting in, and we were in a big crowd, full of lots of other babies and their parents. Some were bigger than me, and some were smaller. We all were interested in what was going to happen!

As we were hanging out in the crowd, we seemed to advance up, and before I knew it, I was given the title “Baby #4” and we moved up to a rug that was rolled out with numbers on it.

I saw a big glove!

Then, I was put down on the rug. Some of the other babies then started to go, but a few of us just relaxed, and enjoyed the sunshine.

I heard a loud announcer voice mention a time countdown, but mom scooped me up in time, and brought me to shake hands with a big mouse with big white gloves on! That was kind of fun.

From there, mom carried me past the finish line area, and I got a medal of my own. My big sister, Abby, congratulated me, and I was pretty proud about that!

I am not really sure what the race was really about, but everyone there was nice, and in a good mood, so overall, I think it was a pretty fun time. Mom, Abby, Jen and Uncle Vern took a lot of pictures of us, too, and the weather was cool and sunny, so I liked that!


….so, straight from the mouths of babes! 😉


We had a blast at the kids races, as usual – despite their somewhat frenzied, bordering on disorganized feel, they’re still lighthearted and fun. The older kids races have a much stronger emphasis on competition (especially the 1-mile!!) but for now, these are just fun, and a great opportunity to share something I love with the girls. They’re not a “must do” for every race weekend, but they’re definitely an enhancement, and provide a lot of great photo opprotunties.


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