9 Months.

Sister snuggles!

It’s official – Ellie’s been outta my belly longer than she was in now!

This week, Ellie turned nine months. Yup, a few days ago…my first super late monthly milestone post, and I am sure it will not be the last. But this time, there are definitely a lot of excuses!

First, some firsts:

Tink in her pirate ship!
  • Ellie experienced her first Halloween! She was dressed as Tinker Bell, and Abby was Captain Hook.
  • Although it was her fourth (!!) visit to Walt Disney World, it was Ellie’s first runDisney race weekend and her first race: the Diaper Dash!
  • Ellie has started to wave and clap at appropriate times.
  • Ellie now sits up in her bath (no more infant sling/lounge-y bath for her!!)
  • Ellie “talks” – of course, the repeating sounds (dada especially), but also makes sounds that almost sound like “heyyyy” and “yeah!”

Along with these momentous firsts, she’s been doing great with some other activities, too! November marks two months since we started attending Baby Rhyme and Sign class at the library, and though she’s not using signs yet, she seems to understand them, and respond (especially “more” and “all done” at the dining table!)

Ellie: “make it pink!”

Ellie continues to just be the most delightful baby, despite her sometimes inclination to resist naps and bedtime. Ironically, she did incredibly well on our Disney staycation with sleep, but I suppose that’s because we were just on the go so much!



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