Happy Birthday, Ellie!

Happy Birthday, E! photo: Lauren Morales Photography

2018 was officially the fastest year of my adult life, and apparently, the busiest since being a mom, as I prepared for this update, I realized I hadn’t even wrote recaps of Ellie’s 10th or 11th months, or, really blogged much at all through the year!

Nevertheless, I knew I wanted to take some time out and try to somewhat organize my thoughts related to Ellie’s first birthday, because it’s still so unbelievable of a feeling. How do I essentially have two toddlers now? How is she so big? How can she eat so much food with just four teeth? And most importantly, how is it possible to be so incredibly exhausted, yet so incredibly in love at the same time?

Ellie is – truly, a dream baby. Of course, she has her moments, but they’re few and fleeting. Her smiles and giggles are the textbook definition of pure and unbridled happiness, and she just has the most easygoing disposition I’ve ever seen in a child. She holds her own against a sister 26-months her senior, and, as previously shared, has an appetite that you have to see to believe.

“Hey, that’s my cake.”

It’s funny, as I prepared to write this post, I went back to read what I had written when Ellie initially made her debut, and for once in my life, I feel a reassuring calm, like an overwhelming feeling that, no matter how crazy things are, the fact that life is better with these two girls in it.

DSC_0449 (1).jpg
Ellie girl.

I won’t lie and say that we haven’t fallen victim to “second child syndrome” with Ellie – because obviously (as evidenced with her lack of blog updates, among other things) that’s just the reality. Ellie was seat-belted into stroller runs earlier, started eating solid foods earlier, watched TV earlier, and, when it came time for her cake smash – wasn’t overwhelmed completely at the taste of frosting, because, yes, she’s had sugar before, too (Abby’s first experience with processed sugar was during her photo shoot). But, for that all, she’s rolled with the punches and held her own…I know that watching her relationship with Abby will continue to be fascinating.

Another interesting observation? Though Ellie was born a lot larger than Abby (7 lb, 3 oz vs. 5 lb, 12 oz), she’s built a lot differently: longer, lankier, and no baby rolls. By my estimate, she’s not yet 20 pounds now (maybe 18-ish), which puts her at around the 25% percentile. Also, she pulls up on EVERYTHING and is obsessed with standing, but has not yet started walking, which I am 100% fine with! It’s funny how I lived/breathed along milestones for Abby, but now, relish in the feeling of pushing the “pause” button for Ellie. Of course, I encourage her to move at her own pace, but keeping her a baby for as long as possible sounds pretty appealing, too. 😉

Birthday grins.

It’s so funny…looking back at Abby at this age, I thought it was hard. But, now with a 3-year old and a (gasp) 1-year old, it’s crazy to think that those were the “easy” days… I suppose it’s just something you have to experience firsthand. And, with each new life stage, we will adapt and adjust.

So while my mama heartstrings are being pulled ever so tightly, I can also smile because I know that it can only go UP from here. ❤


  1. Happy birthday to your Ellie! Love the photo shoot. As my little girl is also turning one this month, it is crazy to reflect on all the changes and exhaustion of it all, but hopefully as you say, it will only go up from here!

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