Ellie at 13 Months

Lucky 13.

Oh, my little Ellie.

Although this update is almost a week late, it’s one that has been rolling around my head for a few weeks. I often feel like my head is in a fog, but with the frenzy of daylight saving time and its time adjustments, the chaos of keeping our house show-ready for viewings (more on that later), and preparing for my trip to London (OMG how did that sneak up on me?), it’s been…for lack of a better term, utter bananas!


With all of these things going on, I find myself working to remind myself to *try* and slow down and just go with the flow. Of course, that’s easier said than done, when the to-do list just keeps growing and growing, but one thing that I’ve been moderately successful in doing is taking Ellie to weekly baby rhyme and sign classes at the library (since September), as well as a new “baby play” class at Abby’s school. So, despite our relative lack of schedule/routine from day to day, week to week, and month to month, there’s always a little something that we can count on as a “constant.”

In other developmental news, Ellie just had her first year check up and she weighs in at 19 pounds, and is up to 28 inches long, which puts her squarely at 50% for both measures. I had to look back at Abby’s 13-month update to compare, and for the most part, they’re similar in size (Abby was an inch longer and three pounds heavier), but they look so different in shape and stature! Also, Ellie can stand for a good long while now, but is not yet interested in full-fledged walking, which is totally fine with me, since running after Abby is tiring enough, haha.

Other news worth sharing? Her eyes are still gorgeous grey-blue, and her hair is now quite long (it looks like a pixie cut!), and continues to get lighter. She definitely has a paler complexion than Abby, too.

The last (and BIG) change this month is one that I feel a whirlwind of bittersweet emotions about: Ellie’s officially weaned from nursing. For the past few weeks, we had been dropping feedings (she made it much easier for me than I imagined), and, starting last week, she had been just nursing at wake up time. Well, since the weekend, she’s been offered water or a snack instead, and she’s transitioned like a champ! I felt a little selfish about the process, since my goal was to have this done in preparation for my trip to London next month, but I reminded myself that I have been pregnant and/or nursing for nearly the past four years now (WHAT!?) and that she was, in fact, ready.

It truly has been the fastest year of my life, and through it all, I am just so thankful for everything. With Ellie, our family is complete, and I am anxious, excited, and hopeful to what will come next for us.



  1. Happy 13 months to your baby girl! Mine also turned 13 months, not walking, and we also are pretty much weaned now and feel the sammme feelings because we are also complete. But hopefully we can just appreciate that we did an amazing thing (twice) and look forward to all the amazing stuff to come!

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