13 Years and One Hot Minute (Or: We’re MOVING!)

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 7.54.57 PM.png
Paddington Station, London, April 2019

In the past month, I’ve:

  • Traveled to London (YEAH!)
  • Run a marathon (my 18th)
  • Spent my longest trip away from my kiddos (six days)
  • Packed my entire house (what?!)

I gotta say, a lot has happened since my last blog post in March – namely, I turned 35, Ellie officially started walking, and yes, we signed a contract to sell our house, and, gosh forbid anything to happen between now and the end of the week..we are closing on Friday and moving across the country to Washington State!

While it may sound like a LOT happening, it all set into motion back in the fall when we decided that it was time to get the wheels turning for this move. We downsized our stuff, made improvements around the house, and listed the house in mid-January (actually had our pictures taken, and listing go live when we were on our Disney Cruise, post Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend).  Over the past four months, we had 19+ showings, I think 4-5 open houses (I can’t even remember now), and all the fun of doing it with two toddlers and a rambunctious pup.

At Selva Grill, on my birthday, April 2019.

Yes, I got my birthday wish on that last showing, as we had an informal offer come in that evening, and the written one the following morning. Since then, it’s been a whirlwind of activity – countless runs to donate all the random items we were holding onto, all the e-signatures, and all that good stuff.

So – that’s one reason (but not excuse, hah) for the lack of updates here on the blog. It’s funny, I have told a handful of people about it, and nine times out of then, I get this response:

“But why would you leave FLORIDA? For Seattle? SOOOO depressing.”

Mosquito net running, 2016.

To which I usually respond with, “our family lives there.” And, usually, that’s enough, but truthfully, for all of you that KNOW me, you know that it’s not the only reason by any stretch of the imagination.



But really.

If I could pick ONE word to characterize our decision to move, it’s this: bittersweet. I mean, I’m 35 and I’ve spent an entire decade here (2006-2010, 2013-2019), so it’s become a part of me. I got my first out of college job here. I met so many incredible friends here. I met my husband here. I was married here. Started running here. And after a brief move to Virginia…we moved back, we adopted our dogs here. Then, purchased our first house here. Had our two children here. It’s been our home. And those memories will live forever fondly in my mind.

But now, it’s time to write a new chapter – the timing could not be better. We’re moving to Bonney Lake, Washington, where we’ll be an hour’s drive from my parents (and sister, and other close family). We found in a house in a community with so many amenities targeted for who we are NOW (parks, trails, playgrounds) – all at walking distance away.  I am beyond excited for running in cooler air, having access to more Asian food, and, once they’re of age – an elementary school for the girls, within walking distance to our new home!

So…in short: thirteen years later, I am so excited to be headed back to the West Coast (LEFT/BEST COAST!) and introducing our family to the Pacific Northwest lifestyle, and all that is to come.

One thought on “13 Years and One Hot Minute (Or: We’re MOVING!)

  1. What awesome news! Sounds like a great move for your family. Wishing you smooth travels, closings, and adjustments 😘

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