The Quarterly Update

Hello there! It’s AUGUST (what) and I thought it was as good a time as any to share some updates while I had them on my mind!

IMG_5043Today marks two months of living in Washington! How? What? It’s been a lot of work setting up everyday life stuff, and there’s still a significant “to-do” list, but all in all, it’s been a very positive experience, and we’re loving it here.

Highlight Reel:

  • Toured three preschools, and chose the one Abby will be attended this fall.
  • Registered for the Portland Half Marathon (and training program) with my local Fleet Feet store, which will be my goal race in October.
  • Visited the Zoo, Northwest Trek, Remlinger Farms, Rainier National Park, Crystal Mountain Ski Resort (to ride the Gondola), and Seattle (went with my sister to see Ali Wong).
  • Watched two movies in the theater (Toy Story 4 – loved, Lion King – eh).
  • Booked an early anniversary getaway to Alaska (last sailing of the season) on the Disney Cruise Line!

On top of those big things, we’re 95% unpacked (I am finding random boxes of things tucked away), and I’ve taken steps to work on establishing some semblance of routine (some days are better than others).

In this last month before Abby heads to preschool, we’ve got a list of places we’d like to check off, as well as tasks to complete, but I am proud to say that I am now a fan of summer again, so I am happy to soak up the sun until my favorite (and most anticipated) season of Fall arrives!


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