2020 Running Goals ‘n Stuff

Pic credit: Jess Greene

We’re officially three days into 2020, and I must admit, it is crazy to think that this year…is HERE. I mean, just the sound of it sounds…well, futuristic. But, here we are, sans flying cars and such, but I digress.

It’s a new year, and as we round the corner of eight months (!!) of living in Washington, I’m thinking about some goals to guide my year.


1. Run my Boston Qualifying time – my current PR is 3:40, and with the “new” standards, my time to hit is sub 3:35, so I am training for a 3:29:xx to cinch my best shot at Boston 2021. My goal race is in June, and I hit the ground running (haha) in late November to get started. WHEN (not IF) I nab my time AND register for the 125th running, I will be IN for what would be my 5th Star in the World Marathon Majors after I…

2. Earn my 4th Star at the New York City Marathon – as I mentioned recently on the blog, I finally was bitten by the NYCM bug, and I am working on gaining entry.

3. Run 1,000 miles – 2019 started slowish (relatively) with the majority of my miles in two marathons (Walt Disney World and London), then I slowed down until the summer after we moved, but I still got in ~883 miles for the year, which I am stoked about.

I have some other random life bucket list things, and ideas that are boppin’ around my head, but these are the ones that have been brewing and I *KNOW* are within my reach.

What are your goals for 2020, running or otherwise?


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