Outrunning the Monorail – the blog that started it all.

In Fall 2012, I started a blog to chronicle my adventures with runDisney – from applying to the Disney Parks Moms Panel, to fun recaps, tips to help others with meetups, and much more. Although I haven’t made the panel (yet), I have definitely gained a lot of experience and passion – for running, Disney, and most importantly, those who run (and aspire to) runDisney, which inspired me to take it one step further with ONLINE COACHING!

Yes! A year after launching my runDisney blog, I completed my RRCA Coaching Certification and really got the wheels turning. Setting everything up hasn’t been easy, but nothing worth achieving is…am I right?! 🙂

Online Coaching is now AVAILABLE! 

Coaching FAQ

  • Do I have to use a credit card? For the sign up process, yes. If you absolutely cannot use a CC, contact me and we can work something out.
  • Do I need a coach? This depends! I think everyone can use a little extra help and support, and I’m glad to be in your corner; as a coach, friend, or both. If you need a little push, a taste of reality, or simply more structure, a coach can be very helpful.
  • Do you only coach for runDisney events? No way! My love for endurance events began with the WDW Half Marathon, but there are so many fantastic events out there and I am excited to help you train for what works best for you.

Excited, but have questions? Comment below or email me at outrunmonorail at gmail dot com.


    • Interest survey is live! Take a look and submit your responses, I’ll be addressing any questions or comments before Monday launch 🙂

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